The Gospel Project at the Festival of Faiths

A Love Letter to Louisville’s Gospel Heritage: Samplings from the “Gospel Music Restoration Project”

The Louisville Story Program was honored to be a part of the 2023 Festival of Faiths with the Center for Interfaith Relations in November 2023!

Gospel music has long served as a central part of religious practice and an expression of Black pride, joy, affirmation, love, dignity, determination and hope. In the mid-20th century, a substantial body of gospel music was recorded and produced in Louisville, but today those recordings are in danger of being lost forever. The Louisville Story Program is working to preserve this rich musical heritage through its Gospel Music Restoration Project and will present a “tasting” for our festival audience.

Thank you to The Pimpleton Singers, The Religious Five, Bishop Melvin Cuff, Raoul Cunningham, Rev. Della Porter, Wilma Clayborn, Bishop Dennis Lyons, and Frances Pimpleton for joining!

You can watch the video recording of the event below and browse the photo gallery on Facebook. Enjoy!