No Single Sparrow Makes a Summer

In narratives rooted in six countries, nine young women document cultural and geographic communities of South Louisville from the inside, exploring topics such as the refugee experience, juvenile detention, motherhood, misperceptions of their neighborhoods, and more.

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$25; 320 pages; 8x9; full color; soft cover

Iroquois High School is the most diverse high school in the state of Kentucky: its students speak more than forty languages. Nine Iroquois students worked closely with the Louisville Story Program to write a book that richly documents people and communities in Louisville that have not heretofore been documented. Their book was published in October 2018.

Collectively, the authors speak nine languages and have lived in seven countries. They're writing about the ravages of war, life before and after moving to Louisville as refugees and immigrants, the foster care system, juvenile detention, motherhood, and many other challenges and triumphs. They've interviewed over 30 community members to learn about their experiences, and will weave excerpts from those interviews into their manuscript. These nine powerful young women are ready to take the world by storm.

Here they are interviewing some of their neighbors:


And here they are writing: